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Some say the DVD thing is too old school. They ask us why we didn’t just release digitally as if we weren’t around when Netflix destroyed Blockbuster. Like yes, we are aware of the power of the internet. It is the sole thing that has kept everybody connected through this Covid challenge (& arguably the sole thing that divides people). It is everyday life.


But we think the DVD is a lost art. There is nothing more nostalgic than having that physical copy in your hands. Shuffling through the brochure and popping that DVD in. Beyond that, the powerhouses have marginalized the filmmaker by making every movie one of thousands of options on their platform. Small companies with small budgets have to compete for attention with the big blockbuster movies and their blockbuster budgets on the same carrousel.


For an indie film company likes ours the DVD is a stab back at the industry giants. Where they are winning in content they are losing in experience. Filmmakers have lost touch with their audience and are now clout chasing and trying to hack the next algorithm. We are small enough to give our viewers an experience & stay true to ourselves. At the end of the day Hella Single will become stream-able but those that stream the movie won’t get the same special feeling or memento as those that purchase the DVD.

If you would like to purchase our DVD of our amazingly hilarious short film Hella Single click below.


If you are like the many people who can't imagine themselves purchasing a DVD again then just subscribe and stay up to date as the film will become available on Valentines Day. 

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Meet The Director

Jordan Skipper is a self taught filmmaker who accidentally picked up a camera and fell in love. He grew up in Alameda, CA and has spent most of his adolescents striving to be in the NFL. After getting a degree in Managerial Economics from UC Davis he focused his energy on building a successful financial advising practice....

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