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Jordan Skipper

Producer I Writer I Director I Camera Operator


CEO & Co-Founder of Our Time Films


Jordan Skipper is a self-taught filmmaker who has successfully and creatively captured the unique experiences of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area through the lens of a camera. Through Our Time Films, he has created a platform of actors, actresses and other artists to bring their real voices and flourish in their passions. Coming from a background in finance and without any traditional production schooling, Jordan has a multitude of skills which he demonstrates by writing, directing, editing and producing for Our Time Films & Skippy TV.


Inspired by his and his wife's experience going vegan, he created his first short film, Hella Vegan, released in April of 2019. This film has been accepted into the Food & Farm Film Festival, Super Duper Diversity Film Festival & won "Best Use of Humor" from the Portland Short Fest. This film was just the beginning of his creation journey and led to a motion picture called Divine Living, released in March 2020. Divine Living won "Best First Time Filmmaker" for the Screen Power Film Festival & was an official selection for the Lift-Off Global Network London 2020 & That Film Festival Cannes - 2020 & Malibu International Film Festival. Following this Jordan added a sequel to Hella Vegan & the beginning of the Hellaverse film collection with the release of Hella Single (November 2020) which was a semi-finalist for the Night of Comedy Shorts Festival and is an official selection of the Lift-Off Global Network Session 2021Lift-Off Global Network Manchester 2021 & The Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival.

Jordan is an up & coming filmmaker. Stay tuned in for more of his films!

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